About Us

I am Karan Smith, the originator and manager of the group. I started singing as a soloist many years ago. Through many trials such as family illness/death, cancer, abusive relationships and other hardships I developed a desire to share with others how God can lift you up and bring you through the most difficult situations. I've had the opportunity to record a solo project as well as 4 additional projects with "Daughters of The King." My desire is to be God's vessel in reaching out to others..

Sarah Jacobsen is the other member of the group. I have been so privileged to have this dynamic young lady! She started singing with "Daughters of The King" at 16 years old! She has two beautiful little girls, Faith (great name huh?) and Layla, and she has a God given voice that will give you chills! Truly gifted by God she shares her awesome voice with others that need to hear God's word. I know you will be blessed by her as I have been. She is so dear to me and I love her in such a special way and I know you will too!

Rick Pillar is our driver, soundman and main roadie! He works hard and supports this ministry to the fullest!

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